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    Mesaj Scris de Botan la data de Joi Iun 28, 2012 12:44 am

    Deci, am si eu unele momente de inspiratie si atunci le pun pe hartie. Sper ca o sa va placa Smile

    Gokudera + Haru

    I was waiting in front of the station for the
    Tenth, Kyoko, Haru, Yamamoto and Sasagawa to come. We were going on a trip that
    Reborn set up for us. That trip was the first one after we got back from the
    future so I was positive that we were going to have lots of fun, but it seemed
    that I got all too excited and arrived at the meeting point earlier than
    expected. I went to a tree near and rested with my back against it as I breathed
    in the hot summer air.

    I really felt comfortable before she came. My
    irritation grew as I saw her luggage. How could a girl carry that much only for
    one week trip?

    “You crazy woman. Why did you took your house
    with you again?” I said, walking towards her.

    “Gokudera! You don’t know how many things Haru
    needs for a week! And Haru is not crazy!”

    I turned my back on her. ‘Are you sure?’ I
    thought but as I looked at her, I felt some kind of strange feeling that I
    hadn’t felt until then. My palms were sweating and my heart started beating
    faster than normal. I couldn’t take my eyes off Haru and I stared at her for
    few long seconds.

    “Are you alringht, Gokudera?” her voice woke me
    up from my trance.

    “Of course, woman! I was just thinking that the
    Tenth and the others are late.”

    Sure, that lie was too obvious to be noticed by
    her. ‘I’m glad she isn’t that sharp’ I thought.

    “Now that you mention it…they sure take their
    time.” She said as she looked at her watch.

    We waited for and other half an hour for them
    to appear but, just when I was about to lose my temper, Ranking Fuuta came at
    us. ‘Shit’ I thought. ‘I got used to the older version of Fuuta’. He smiled at
    us and grabbed our hands.

    “Hey! What are you doing, kid?” I asked him

    “Brother Hayato, sister Haru, I was sent here
    to tell you that your trip was moved to an other week.”

    “What?” we both shouted. “Why?”

    “Well, I don’t really know but I am here to
    make sure the two of you have fun today.”

    I hated that kids’ large smile but I thought
    that the Tenth had some important stuff to do and he postponed the trip. I took
    my bag and left but Haru stopped me by grabbing my arm.

    “Gokudera!” she said. At first, I was pretty
    surprised but, as I turned to face her, I saw her cheecks were slightly red.
    She looked at me and continued: “Let’s have fun today!”

    “Huh?” I stepped back and looked at her. She
    wanted a day with me alone and she was determined to have it. ‘Oh, shit’ I
    thoght, but instead, I turned my back and said: “Fine, woman, but I’m not going
    to carry any of your stupid bags.”

    She instantly got happy, grabbed her bags and
    reached me. She smiled brightly like she never did before to me. My heart was
    running faster again and, to hide the fact that I was realy happy that she
    joined me, I started a conversation.

    “Where do you wanna go, Haru?” She raised her
    big brown eyes at me with surprise and then I realised. I have never spoken to
    her like that before. I was unnaturally calm. She smiled with hope and said

    “Anywhere, Hayato!”

    It was odd. She never called me by my first
    name before. Without thinking, I took some of her luggage and started walking.
    She was one step behind me, holding Ranking Fuutas’ hand.

    “Let’s grab something to eat! What do you
    think, Fuuta?” she said after a few minutes.

    “I want noodles!” the kid answered happily.

    Normally, I would have been beyond irritated in
    that moment, but for some reason I found it quite pleasant listening to them.

    “What do you think, Hayato?”

    When I heard her saying my first name again, I
    felt a bit shy, but I turned around to see her face and said simply:

    “It’s ok by me.” and smiled. She let her head
    down and her shoulders started trembeling.

    “Sister Haru, what’s wrong?” Fuuta asked her
    and then I saw her crystal tears falling on the ground. I knew she cried a lot
    when we were in the future, but now? ‘Was it something I said?’ I thought to
    myself. I threw the bags on the ground and put my hands on her shoulders.

    “Why are you crying, Haru?”

    She looked at me and that broke my heart. What
    was I thinking, letting those beautiful brown eyes cry. Those eyes made me
    strong every time I was weak. Those eyes were beside me when I was injured.
    Those eyes made my life worth living.

    “Hayato!” she shouted into my face and I jumped
    one step back.

    “What?” I tried not to freak out but she really
    did scare me.

    She just pointed something behind my back but I
    didn’t get the chance to look. Someone grabbed my neck and put a knife in front
    of me.

    “Finally, Gokudera. You’re ours!”

    ‘What the hell is going on?’ I thought as I
    tried getting away from that person. Haru screamed again and Fuuta tried saving
    her from the other two guys.

    “Who are you?” I hardly asked. I could barely

    “Oh, don’t you remember your old friends,
    Gokudera? You beat the hell out of us two weeks ago and now it’s time for

    “Sorry” – I said – “I don’t remember the ones
    that I beat up.”

    “Hayato, what’s going on?” Haru shouted as she
    was struggeling in the other guys’ arms. Fuuta was desperately trying to free
    her, but it was no use. One of the guys punched him in the face and the kid
    fell on the ground uncouncious.

    “Leave them alone, bastard!” I shouted. I
    realised myself but the guy cut my shoulder with the knife. I took four bombs, lit them and I was prepared to
    throw them but I couldn’t. I was risking to hurt Haru along with those guys so
    I threw the bombs behind me, to the guy with he knife, ran towards Haru,
    realised her by giving those guys’ one punch in the face each and then I
    covered Haru and Fuuta to keep them safe of the explosion.

    We waited a bit and then I looked at Haru. She
    was glued to me with her fingers, almost ripping my shirt. I smiled slightly
    and raised her chin with my fingers.

    “Are you ok?” I asked concerned.

    “Yeah…” she responded and her cheecks got that
    cute pink color again. I took Fuuta on my back, he was just sleeping, and
    started going to the Tenths house. I had to drop the kid there before we
    continued our day.

    We both kept quiet a long time, until she
    stopped walking. I turned back to face her and asked:

    “What’s wrong, Haru?” She was looking to the
    ground but she was smiling.

    “You know why I started crying today?”

    “Why?” I asked. She raised her head and I could
    see she was crying again.

    “Because, I was happy” – she aswered – “you
    have no idea how much I wanted to call you by your first name or to see you
    being kind to me, or to be alone with you for one day! Since we first got to
    the future, you seemed a bit different and I wanted to talk with you but you
    were always training or busy with Uri or you didn’t want to be bothered. I… I…”
    she couldn’t speak anymore, but she cried out loud. I walked towards her, put
    Fuuta down and tied my arms around her. I sensed she was surprised.

    “You’re the one who talks, woman?” I said with
    a low voice. “You don’t know how much I suffered all the times I heard you
    saying you’ll be the Tenth’s wife. You simply don’t know that whenever you
    cried, something broke inside of me. You don’t know, woman. You don’t know.” It
    was the first time in years when I started crying like a kid.

    She wrapped her arms around me and we both
    cried a lot but it felt right. She fit perfectly in my arms. It was a perfect
    moment until I heard Ranking Fuuta awaking. I looked at him and started
    laughing. He was shocked. He didn’t move an inch until I took him on my back
    again. Haru laughed too. It was so good seeing her smile again. She looked at

    “I guess we don’t have to hide anymore,
    Hayato.” She said.

    I instantly blushed.

    “Ar…Are you crazy, woman? We can’t tell anyone
    for now! Hey, kid, you hear me? Shut your mouth about this!”

    Fuuta started laughing.

    “It’s ok, brother Hayato. Acording to my
    rankings, sister Haru is the best choice for you as a girlfriend or wife.”

    Haru and I looked at each other and we blushed
    at the same time.

    “It’s ok, kid.” – I said – “Just keep your
    mouth shut for now. Everything has it’s time.”

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    Re: One-shots...

    Mesaj Scris de Botan la data de Joi Iun 28, 2012 1:40 am

    Asta e cu 2 dintre personajele Yu Yu Hakusho. Enjoy Smile

    Kurama + Botan

    As I sit here with my back against the
    wall, i try remembering why did I gat that miserable lately. Something
    about...yes. I was in the Spirit World two days ago and Koenma gave me a job in
    the Human World. He told me to hurry as I was trying to read the paperwork of
    the case.

    „Go!” he said and I sensed a bit of
    sadness in his voice.

    „Why is this such a hurry, Koenma Sir? The
    ghost can wait, can’t it? Can I at least read the papers?”

    „Go already, Botan! It is late, anyway...”

    It was a bit odd seeing Koenma in such a
    misery, but I didn’t question it at that moment.

    When I got on my oar, as I started flying
    to the Human World, I started reading the paperwork Koenma gave me. „Let’s
    see...who is dead now...” my voice disappeared as the name written there popped
    out like it was highlighted. I read it once, I read it twice. „This can’t
    be...this can’t be true!” i shouted. I
    threw all te papers in the air and, with maximum speed, flew to the World of Living.
    „I can’t belive it...I just can’t”

    When I finally got there I saw many people
    around a body and some of them were trying to figure out what happened. „It
    must have been a murderer.” one man said. „But I didn’t see anything!” others

    I flew down in the middle of everything. I
    started crying as I laid down a hand on his bright red hair. It was messy and
    bloody – his head was severly wounded. I went on the other side to see his face
    and i almost fainted. His handsome and kind face was covered in blood and his
    big green eyes were lifeless. I looked at his clothes and i realized that they
    were just a pile of ripped material soacked in blood. My tears started running
    again on my face as they do even now. He was dead. Kurama was dead! I couldn’t
    bare watching his dead body anymore and I started running through those people
    gathered there but I was cought in somebodys’ arms. That somebody squished me
    at his chest in a tender embrace and I fell for it immediately. Only once in my
    life I felt so much tenderness in an embrace and that was from Kurama.
    „Wait...” i thought as I raised my eyes.

    „It certainly isn’t pleasant to see your
    dead body over there when you are standing right here.” he said with a low
    voice. Kurama looked down at me and smiled kindly, but I sensed sadness and misery
    in that smile. He didn’t plan for this to happen. He dragged me into his
    arms again and said with broken voice:
    „Botan... I am truly sorry.” I didn’t say anything. I just stood there with my
    head on his chest knowing what would happen next. I took my oar, waited for him
    to sit on it and then flew to the Spirit
    World. It was a quiet journey, neither of us said anything but Kurama hold my
    hand the whole time and sometimes even kissed it but that only wounded my heart
    even harder.

    I took him to Koenmas’ office and the
    atmosphere was very tense. Neither Kurama not Koenma talked the first 10
    minutes. Kurama was still holding my
    hand and Koenma was busy with his paperwork but he suddenly stopped. He
    looked at us and I took one step back, behind Kurama. Koenma’s look was sad. I
    figured he wanted to talk with Kurama alone, I released my hand from Kurama’s and excused myself.

    I went strainght to my room, slammed the
    door and cried, and cried, and cried. I knew what Kurama’s death ment. I knew
    that it wasn’t going to be the same ever again. He was dead. The human Shuuichi
    Minamino was dead for good. But Youko was not. Therefore, Kurama couldn’t
    resurect because of his crimes as a Youko. But that only ment that he could live as a Youko in Demon World
    but his human memories would be erased. Everything we did together as a team
    with Yusuke, Hiei and Kuwabara, all the things we did together the two of us.
    All his memories and love for his mother would be all gone. „Mother Shiori will
    be devastated!” I thought as I opened my window. The warm breeze filled my room
    and highlighted a little bit of that horrible day. As I breathed in the warm
    air, the wind blew my blue long hair. I felt tears falling on my cheecks.
    „Stupid Kurama!” I shouted out of the window to the whole Demon World.

    I heard a gentle knock on my door but I
    didn’t respond. The door opened and Kurama appeared in the darkened frame. I
    sighed and turned arround to face him.

    „Why?” was the only thing I could say at
    that time. He came to me and wrapped his arms around me

    „It was a demon who was after me for a
    very long time. He cought me in the middle of the city, off-guarded, Botan. I
    couldn’t do anything. All those people were in danger and if I took charge all
    of them would have been dead by now.”

    I laid my head on his chest and he started
    playing with my hair. I felt warmth. I felt secure. I felt like it was all
    going to be ok...but it wasn’t.

    „You could have killed that insolent
    monster without losing your life, Kurama. You know what is going to happen next,

    „I do.” he said with sadness. „But even if
    I try, Botan, I will never be able to forget you. I promise that! I will come
    to your window and grow a rose, so that you will know everything is the same
    between us.”

    He released me from his embrace and, as my
    tears rolled on my face, he tenderly kissed my lips. It was flawless but very
    short. He turned arround and left. I
    couldn’t see him very well, because of my blurred sight, but I could see his
    face when he stopped at the door and looked once more back. I could read his
    lips. He said with a sad smile „I love you!” and left. My brain crashed. I was
    left alone and he wasn’t there for me anymore.

    Now, it feels even more painful that it
    felt before. I stand up and go to the window. I open it and look outside after
    something, or maybe someone. And now I see him. His pointed fox ears and long
    silver flowing hair. He is coming this way with a flower in his hand. I cover
    my mouth with my hands in surprise and start crying even harder. He stops at
    thirty feet from the wall, puts the flower on the ground and through his demon
    energy there grows a wonderful rose. He looks up at my window, smiles gently
    like he always does and I can read again his lips saying: „I still love you, my
    dear one.”

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    Varia Family

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    Re: One-shots...

    Mesaj Scris de Len~ la data de Joi Iun 06, 2013 5:50 am

    Aia cu Haru si Gokudera...EPICAAA~!Pe bune,a fost atat <333 Anyway,si cea cu Botan si Kurama e cute,foarte cute si fluffy.

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    Re: One-shots...

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